Our Story

Growing up in Japan and later immigrating to the United States, our founder recognized that so many beautiful gems were confined to the Japanese community due to language barriers and cultural differences. Japanese fashion accessories are part of these gems. They are an extension of her and many Japanese women's style, embodying the modern-day aesthetics and trends of Japan.

Today, the world still perceives Japanese fashion through the one-dimensional lens of popular media, and these exquisite fashion items remain undiscovered abroad. Out of a keen desire to acquaint the world with the accessories that Japanese women love, FLÂMONDE was born.

Our mission

Our mission is to open the door of Japanese fashion accessories to North America and beyond. With our exclusive products that epitomize the unique subtleties of Japanese aesthetics and quality, FLÂMONDE is proud to bring the latest styles and trends from Japan straight to you.

Our process


Authentic products and relationships are at the forefront of our brand. We work directly and maintain close relationships with each Japanese brand that we carry.

Private label

We will also be carrying our private label in collaboration with Japanese designers, artists, and artisans. (Coming Soon)

U.S. Based Warehouse

We import all our products from Japan and store them in our warehouse in San Diego, California. All orders will be shipped from San Diego. This process ensures quality products paired with quick shipping.

Fair pricing

We are committed to fair pricing. Our prices are equivalent to the retail prices in Japan, with an added import fee to cover tariffs and shipment from Japan to the US.



Originated from two French words

[Flâner] To wander with no particular destination in mind

[Monde] World

Inspired by the charm of Japanese department stores, FLÂMONDE is a place for you to wander, explore, and enjoy what the other side of the world has to offer.

The enjoyment of the store’s décor and atmosphere, the excitement of exploring each floor, and the joy of discovering something new as you move through the aisles - FLÂMONDE seeks to recreate the same experience as shopping in an actual department store in Japan.



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"FLÂMONDE is a place for you to wander, explore, and enjoy what the other side of the world has to offer..."

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